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Ulalas brings you quality traditional and trendy decorative accessories for your home. The name Ulala's comes from a cactus plant that is native to the mountain regions of Bolivia and Peru, it has a beautiful bright pink flower, so beautiful we made it a part of our name! The handcrafted works from the various artisans are laborious and beautifully detailed. They are inspired by what they see every day and the richness of their individual cultures and traditions.

Ulalas was inspired by many factors, our love for the handiwork and the traditions of the people and their communities. Growing up in the melting pot of NYC I felt truly enriched by the customs shared by our friends and neighbors. Ulalas is about bringing together the cultures of all of the Latino nations under one umbrella. The vibrancy of the colors and the meticulous details of the handwork are unique to each area. In the future we look to add many interesting and different products from all over the Caribbean, Central and South America as well as from Spain. We want to introduce home décor accessories that tell stories, reflect a lifestyle and bring warmth to your home.

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By phone: 845.258.1312